Hoogwegt Australia is a leading dairy ingredient and product provider on the global market, part of a group which is active in more than 130 countries. We have always achieved growth by looking for new ways to add vision and value.


“Hoogwegt Australia is an independent global dairy ingredient provider. Hoogwegt Australia adds value across the board for the food industry, in terms of quality assurance, logistics services, market intelligence and risk management solutions.”


“We will play a leading role in the global dairy market by adding vision and value.”

Core values

We try to add value to our customers’ business in everything we do. This means that our core values also add value. Our core values reflect our ambition, our mentality and our beliefs. Five simple words, which connect the way we think, act and add.

  1. We add vision and value through reliability
  2. We add vision and value through by taking responsibility
  3. We add vision and value through experience
  4. We add vision and value through commitment
  5. We add vision and value through personal relationships

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Hoogwegt Australia

Visiting Address:
Level 2, 1 Yarra Street
Vic. 3220 Geelong

Postal Address:
P.O. Box 4141
Vic. 3220 Geelong

Phone: +61 3 5229 7535
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